Malta Yacht Registration Process

Malta offers  numerous  potential benefits and appealing incentives to yacht owners who register their vessels under the Malta flag. Any type of marine vessel, be it large cruise lines, super tankers or private yachts may be registered in Malta. Yachts, depending on their intended use, can be registered under the Maltese flag, as either private pleasure yachts or as a commercial yacht.

Whether your yacht is private or commercial, the process for registering a yacht in Malta is very straightforward and simple, and there are various advantages which the yacht owners could avail of.

  • STEP 1: Provisional Registration

    Maltese Flag Yachts are first registered provisionally for six (6) months for the finalisation of the documents. Once all the required documentations are provided and the applications are submitted to the Authority for Transport in Malta, a non-operational Provisional Certificate Malta Registry is issued if fees are paid. Once evaluated, the Authority for Transport in Malta submits the necessary documents to the classified society for the issuance of the relative safety certificates, Certificate of Survey and International Tonnage Certificate.

  • STEP 2: Permanent Registration

    After the provisional period, the Authority for Transport in Malta may require additional requirements depending on the type of vessels for the issuance of the permanent Certificate of Malta Registry. The Certificate is annually renewable from the date of registration.

Fly the Malta Flag: Advantages of Yacht Registration in Malta

Yacht registration in Malta offers a number of benefits, which include the following:

  • Anyone can register a yacht under the Maltese flag;

  • Simple and very efficient procedures for the registration, transfer, and deletion of Maltese yachts;

  • No restrictions on the sale or mortgaging of Maltese registered yachts and superyachts;

  • Low company formation, ship registration and tonnage tax costs;

  • Attractive tax incentives to yachts and superyachts owners encouraging commercial operation;

  • Massive presence of an active superyacht industry and world class berthing facilities;

  • Serious and efficient maritime administration;

  • Easy access to decision makers within the competent authorities;

  • 24-hour availability of officers at the authority for transport in Malta;

  • Availability of technical, legal, corporate and tax administration expertise;

  • All business is conducted in the English Language;

  • A large and expanding double tax treaty network;

  • Simplicity when submitting a tax return, either in an established form or in terms of the Income Tax Management Act;

  • A sovereign state, member of the European Union with political, fiscal and social stability.

Yacht Registration Malta: Types of Vessels

Private Yacht

The Merchant Shipping Directorate considers a private registered yacht to be any pleasure yacht, of 6 meters in length or more, which does not carry passengers for reward and is not engaged in trade but is used for the sole purpose of the owner.

Commercial Yacht

Yachts operated for commercial use which are 15 meters in length or more, do not carry cargo and carry no more than 12 passengers, can be registered as commercial yachts subject to compliance with the requirements of the Commercial Yacht Code drawn up by the Merchant Shipping Directorate within the Authority for Transport in Malta. The Code set the required standards of safety and pollution prevention.

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